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We are a professional property management company that has been in the timeshare and hospitality management business since 1979. We offer a full range of management services that confidently provide needed checks and balances.

Defender Resorts has been providing highly prudent and accountable management services including resales and rentals to the hospitality industry for more than thirty years. We are currently responsible for 22 resorts and 24 associations with approximately 50,000 owners. Our resorts are in different geographic locations from Massachusetts to Delaware, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, St. Croix, Sint Maarten and the Grand Cayman Islands. Our corporate office is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Defender Resorts specializes in customized management services based on experience and accountable operations.  This provides a significant foundation for analyzing existing operations and establishes a solid foundation for future growth at a resort. Our management reporting systems produce a means to maintain a streamlined operational structure that assess areas of efficiencies, possible increased revenue streams and greater expense control. We have tried and true policies and procedures for all aspects of managing a timeshare resort – from management to rentals to resales.

Management Services

Defender Resorts implements Quality Assurance programs that guarantee our properties are maintained to the highest standards. We offer systems of reporting and analysis that chart the capital needs of the resort year after year. Our Reserve Determination Study and Preventative Maintenance Plan serve as important components to protect the assets of the resort and the investment value to its owners. 

We understand that the main income stream is from the owners so to support the owners we offer affordable services.  At Defender Resorts we make it a priority to provide Board members with the financial and operational information to review that allows them to make informed, prudent and affordable decisions.

-Board Member Communication-

  • Board & Annual Meeting Minutes
  • Monthly Financial Packages
  • Monthly Operations Reports
  • Internal Comment Card Reports
  • Newsletters
  • "In The Boardroom" industry news
  • Meeting Notices
    -Board Meeting Notice
    -Annual Meeting Notice
    -Proxy Card

-Resort Financial Plans-

  • Operating Budget Summary with Notes

  • Operating Budget Major Variance Report

  • 12-Month Forecast Worksheet

  • Salary & Wages Worksheet

  • Reserve for Replacement Plan

  • Reserve Analysis

  • Reserve Analysis for 10-Year Cash Flow

  • Newsletter Budget Review

  • Newsletter Reserve for Replacement Overview

  • Newsletter Owner Reserve Education Article

-Information Technology-

  • Utilizes the latest TimeShareWare software

  • Offering 24 hour “live” owner & guest information

  • Online Owner Account & Reservations Access

-Operations Manual-

  • Job Descriptions
  • Front Desk Procedures
  • Housekeeping Procedures
  • Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Guest Relations
  • Energy and Cost Reduction Procedures

-Owner Services Department-

  • Introduction to Owner Service

  • Billing and Collection Policy Procedure

  • Analysis of Ownership week
    -Unpaid Accounts Listings by Cause
    -Collections Report by Agency
    -Hardship Policy
    -Billing Statement Sent to Owners

  • Ownership Change Procedures
    -Deed Policy
    -New Owner Update Form
    -New Owner Letter

  • Resort Cash Management
    -Daily Cash Report
    -Nightly Phone Audits on Vacant units
    -Rental Escrow Bank Account
    -Owner Statement for Rental Activity
    Sample Reports
    -Aging Reports by Owner Name, Unit Week or Amount
    -Payment Report Summary or Detail
    -Trial Balance Report

-New Director Kit-

  • Current Board of Directors Listing

  • Two Years Operating Budget

  • Current Operations Report

  • Current Financial Report

  • Two Years Audit Report

  • Two Years Tax Return

  • Three Years Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

  • Three Years Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Three Years Newsletter

  • Controlling Documents of Association

  • Training on Parliamentary Procedures

  • Oversight of General Timeshare Law


  • On-Site Representation by Licensed Agents

  • Association and Owner Sales
    Marketing and Training of Sales Staff


  • Central Reservation System

  • 24 Hour Reservation Capabilities

  • Advertising & Marketing
    -Electronic email blasts & Social Media


Association Management

Defender Resorts takes pride in the experience and professionalism of its Property Management Staff From check in, resort hospitality, housekeeping, routine staff maintenance to contracting for extensive specialty maintenance and repairs to developing procedures, sending notices, and keeping records of legal documents, Defender Resorts remains perpetually involved and informed.

Financial Management

Managing finances properly takes experience and commitment when it comes to property management. Defender Resorts will assist the Board in the preparation of a budget that includes annual operations budget as well as long-term budget for capital improvements and replacement reserves. It will collect homeowners dues, assessments, late fees and user fees, pay association invoices and much more.




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